“The Business of Life,”

hosted by data journalist Mona Chalabi.

BE ON VICE’s new television channel, VICELAND,

The show is a deep-dive into the financial machinery behind the most important issues facing young people today, guided by a unique visual element of facts and figures that guide the conversation. Audience members can interact with a group of expert panelists and celebrities, and participate in a program that has already amassed millions of views to date.


$40 for 1 show//$70 for 2 show 


you can attend multiple shoots

August 29- 1 SHOW 

CALL TIME 1130am- Shoot 1230-3pm

Sept 1- 2 SHOWS

2 shows CALL TIME- 10am- Shoot 11am-5pm (LUNCH Provided)

Sept 2- 2 SHOWS

2 shows CALL TIME- 10am- Shoot 11 245pm-5pm (LUNCH Provided)

(Additional dates Sept 6, 7, 8, 9 (2 shows))



1896 Studios, at 215 Ingraham Street

Bushwick, BK, 11237


*Business Casual (any shirt wth collar, nice t-shirt, shoes...etc)
*Nice jeans OK.
*Clothing should be non seasonal.
*No heavy jackets, thick sweaters, summer dresses or shorts.
*AVOID CLOTHES with stripes, logos, bold patterns and bright colors.
*FOR THOSE DOING 2 SHOWS....Please bring multiple shirt choices (3 max) and items we can layer and adjust to accommodate the change in temperature